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SciFi Pubcast

Dec 18, 2017

A Proud Partner of the When Nerds Attack Podcasting Network. 

Episode 12 - On the Menu: Part 2 - Interview of Dr. Chris Cogswell from The Mad Scientist Podcast. And You Thought Part 1 Was Strange! 

Welcome to the SciFi Pubcast! Come for a drink but stay for the speculation. 

It's part two of our interview with Dr. Chris Cogswell from The Mad Scientist Podcast. As one can imagine, the longer a conversation goes in a bar, the better it gets. There's a rationale for everything. If explanations could only work like that.  

UFOs, aliens, conspiracies, Derek's cooking - it's all happening at our little establishment. At one point, we even dived into the rabbit hole of recommended podcasts. 

Warning, at this point of the interview we're already into our cups. So you better pour yourself a tasty drink and catch up.

This is the SciFi Pubcast. 

Music provided courtesy of Logan Rathbone. The SciFi Pubcast logo is by Jea Rhea. Recorded on December 2, 2017. 

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